backyard dancing, craft fairs, and derby girls

when the kids are away the mama will play.
first the mama gets a lot of extra sleep so she can maintain such an active social life.
i kicked off the weekend at a backyard bbq, complete with backyard dancing.

the next day i headed into the city for renegade fair.
we "had" to go early to get breakfast and coffee.

the craft ladies.
have you been to renegade fair?

i loved meeting new artisans.
and reconnecting with ones i either know about or own one of their products.
like joe over at victory gardens of tomorrow
or stone & honey. (beautiful honeycomb necklaces)

this year the vendors were a stellar line up.
so fun to see such unique products.
like the wood ties from woodthumb
or the glitter curios from glasscathedrals
or the sense of humor of drywell.

after a good day of craft stuff, john and i joined friends for a german feast.
meat, potatoes, spatzel and beer.

then date night with our friends...

at roller derby.
can i just say, i had so much fun at roller derby.
but next time i'll bring a camp chair!

i ended the weekend with church, lunch at homeroom, a hike on the ridge and a movie with a nephew.
a great weekend indeed.


  1. Cool! So would an early bout be good for kids or a no go? I'm thinking either Ava or my niece who is 16.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend your time! Glad you were able to so thoroughly enjoy yourself!


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