Letter #26

Dearest Beloved, We keep saying we need to make a list of the all the things we want to do this summer...chores and dates and such, but tonight you said we need to add making a list to the list. Very funny.

Dear List, We plan to write you out on a big piece of paper so that the satisfaction of "task accomplished" feels grander. Be prepared.
Tomorrow, you, the list, will be made.

Dear Mom, Thank you for flying all the way down here to fetch your grandkids for a fun summer adventure. You are a rockstar.
See you next month. Ack!

Dear Pneumonia, Just a lingering cough here and there, but I got you beat.
Well, really it was the antibiotics but...

Dearest Beloved, Sometimes being part of a family can be a study in disappointment, hope, frustration and awkwardness...thank you for reminding me that you got my back.
Love always wins. always.

as you wish


  1. I am way behind. Why the stack of wood? Normally I would not notice, but since Darrell is a wood fanatic and I am wondering if he might be tempted to come down, after dark, and.....

  2. So glad you are feeling better and JUST in time!
    Relish EVERY moment together even when you eventually have to clean-up...but not too soon!

  3. the pile wood has nothing to do with the letter but there is something so comforting about a pile of wood.


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