kid projects

jude and delia have great imaginations...i try to nurture that side of them.
sometimes i fail but sometimes i succeed.
i am trying to embrace the mess and clean up as part of the discovery.
knowing that a child's work is their play and that someday they will not have time for these imagination filled days at which point my heart will break a wee bit.
i also believe that we as humans are born to create and to make beauty because of our great Creator, in whose image we are made.

here are a few samples of imaginations at work of late.

jude & delia: potions in the backyard. vinegar, soda, markers, water, lemons and a bit of a mess. but hours of fun.

delia: a project involving tp rolls, glitter and paint...said project is still "drying" in my laundry nook.

delia: the human museum. on display in our living room. make sure you have a ticket. do not touch the exhibit.

delia: mock up of the american girl kitchen. made from the recycled boxes, tinfoil and oodles of scotch tape. she declared the one in the catalog cost too much but is considering asking papoo to build one. maybe construction will be a grandparent camp elective.

jude: writing with a feather. inspired by a cool found feather, uncle rob and liberty's kids.
instead of ink he and his buddy used watercolor "ink". just like the olden days.

of course writing his name was hard so they tried their hand at pointillism.

jude & delia: soap carving. the original idea was to carve rocks to make arrowheads. still on the navajo indian kick. i thought soap might be better. turns out ivory was bit of a bust...they needed a harder laundry kinda soap. a fun idea they came up with. jude is hoping for carving to be offered at grandparent camp.

scattered across the backyard are sticks strapped to rocks, beer cans smooshed into weapons and a stash of "navajo" finds are under the table.
there are lego people across bookshelves embraced in battle in jude's room.
the hammock is often a ship.
delia's room has multiple untold projects on the go.
imaginations are soaring.
this is what childhood is all about.
isn't it?
taking what they have read, learned, seen and discovered and playing it out.

i shall step aside, embrace the mess, delight in their creations and encourage creativity.
i shall indeed.


  1. Love this! Yes, imagination is more and who cares about the messes they bring. :)

  2. Wowsers!
    Is it possible to get teary hearing all about these AMAZING experiences. I am thrilled for your clan and oh so proud!
    Way 'ta go Mamma I. !

  3. from my sick house to yours, you are so freaking inspiring!!!

  4. I love it so much my heart bleeds. I long for my kiddos to get into all of this. AWESOME post! xo

    Hey - can you share more info about the first creation with baking soda? Looks fun and science like - right up my guys' alley! xo

  5. try this site for ideas:

    thanks for the love guys!

  6. Whenever I'm having a 'Not so good" day. I tend to sign into your blog and it never fails to inspire me. I loved this post and I was very moved by it :) You are such and amazing mom!! love you xox Kelly


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