Foyer decor and such.

Bits of craftiness happened the other day.
All I need...a hello kitty sewing machine, ipad, colorful paper and sunshine.
(the first day I spent the day out of bed in a week...for the whole day)

Colorful garlands for a custom order.

An inspiration chalkboard for the foyer.
Foyer...funny for anyone who has actually been inside my house.
Kinda like my laundry room...which is just a closet in the kitchen.
Foyer or not, laundry room or not, I am just glad I can do the laundry in the comfort of my home and that my door swings open to welcome visitors.
Come visit. Bring a craft.

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  1. amen about laundry in my own home and a door that swings open. I, too, have a laundry closet and far less dedicated "entry space" than I would prefer. And I love me home just the same!


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