a few things.

1. whether or not your domain name redirects to your blog is not the end of the world...frustrating yes but not life shattering.
2. ditto for blog readership and followers. i'd rather follow God than be followed here.
3. it is summer but it doesn't feel like summer...60 degrees and rainy. ack.
4. reading out loud to my children is one of the best blessings of motherhood.
5. should one celebrate a 40th b-day in paris. should i take my kiddos?
6. mom was right, getting enough sleep is important.
7. a true friend is a rarity.
8. praying on one's knees really does make a difference to one's hearttitude
9. hearttitude really is a nicole-kinda word: heart + attitude. you know what i am talking about!
10. only 3.5 days of school left. let's have a great adventure filled summer.


ps: i'll be blogging here for now


  1. #4 HECK YEAH!

    I also don't care much about followers/readership. Glad you're still writing!

  2. I love your blog and I miss it when I can't find it. But I kept at it and I found it! And look, I'm even leaving comments now. I love you even more than I love your blog, my wonderful cup of joy. Love, aunt kitty

  3. I'm still following you - even when I think I've lost you and I have to look around extra hard....

  4. girl - this post rocks. Stay true to Him and you will knock it out of the park every time! I follow - always! xo

  5. you should go to Paris and leave the kids at home.jayne


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