double day date in the city

dates with my jude.
two days in a row.
in the city.

on sunday in japantown.
lunch at a sushi boat joint.
bravo to jude for trying smelt roe, eel and soft shell crab.
we threw in a bit of japanese dollar store shopping.

today we toured chinatown.
first stop, the golden gate fortune cookie factory...where you pay to take a photo.
they do give you warm flat fortune cookies as a reward for finding them deep down a back alley in bustling chinatown...truly a hole in the wall.

pretending to pick fish for dinner.

drinking boba milk tea and finishing the morning off with lunch at the ferry building.

gotta love day dates with your son...even when your camera battery dies partway through the adventure.

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  1. ohhh I want to go with you to the Japanese Dollar Store! Di you get some goodies? how do you get your Jude to eat that stuff? Good for you! xo


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