apricot season

not too long ago the kids and i headed into the valley to spend a day with family picking apricots.
gotta love when your extended family has an orchard.

posing for photos and visiting with grandma i and her family.

admiring the harvest...i hope to have an orchard of my own one day.

followed by baking cakes, making apricot sauce, dehydrating apricots

and water baths for apricot jam...for sharing of course.
we've done this apricot thing before.
and we hope to do it again.
total bummer though, we missed the local cherry harvest with the end of the school year madness...oh well it is summer and there are many more yummy fruits to be consumed.
what is your favorite summer fruit?


  1. So beautiful - I think I can smell them from here!

  2. Yum! Apricot jam is a fave here too--only I do the freezer version. And I love freezing apricot puree for an easy pork sauce. I don't think i can have a "favorite" summer fruit--too hard to choose. Blueberries would be the number one on our list of berries for picking--no thorns : )

  3. Love that the cool truck is the same color as the fruit! Awesome. xo

  4. Oh yum! Wish we had apricots! The Ford in this post is also yummy.
    I think raspberries are my favorite, but I haven't gone huckleberring yet, so that could change.

  5. oh. wow! fresh picked fruit is hard to top! enjoy!!


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