adding vitamins

sometimes when you are sick and your son is sick and your daughter is still healthy,
(even if your husband with the injured back doesn't eat raw fruit)

you need round up some extra vitamins to get everyone back to the good health side of the track.
first, find random stone fruit from the crisper or counter, collect blueberries from the backyard bush and locate berries in the freezer.
fyi: buying raspberries at the height of their season and freezing them makse the easiest and yummiest addition to smoothies in the world, especially if you are partial to raspberries like we are.

then, add some milk (cow, nut or soy), a scoop or two of yogurt, spoonful of nutbutter (peanut or almond), and an optional squirt of agave syrup.
stop to admire your new blender, if you have recently obtained the most awesome waring blender in the world...consider how blessed you are to finally have a real blender. blend some more.

check you fridge to see if you have cream for whipping.
dollop said cream, stick in a straw and serve your littles.
now, if i had spinach on hand i would have thrown a handful or two in too, but alas i have been sick all week and therefore we are on the final bits of fresh produce.
not that much cooking is going on in these parts, in you know what i mean.
did i mention i'm sick?

although a big thank you to a kind a friend you dropped off freshly picked broccoli and lettuce...hours after this splendid delicious vitamin packed smoothie was made and consumed.

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  1. raspberries are MY FAVE!!!! finally catching up on blog reading!


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