Upcycled Garland

REPOST-May 12th

Upcycled or recycled or lovely or whatever you want to call it.

You know those pesky junk mail envelopes that clog your mailbox...or perhaps you are small business owner and receive many a monthly cheque (I am Canadian after all)? Those security envelopes are really a treasure trove of beautiful patterned papers...see above. Lots of colors and designs. Somewhere along my way I saw a website with a pile of them so I started collecting.

And collecting until I had quite a mass of envelopes.

For the garland of the month club for May I decided to utilize those lovely papers.

Upcycled galore.

I hand punched butterflies and mini circles.

Stitched together in pairs so upon receipt of the garland you can gently open the pair to create a 3D effect.

Dainty, pretty and perfect for these spring-like days.

You can get yourself in club or you can send a subscription to a loved one. Or even buy this garland on it's own...a new listing.

Check the shoppe for more details...see the blog sidebar.


  1. hmm. i'm confused. are you posting at both sites now?

  2. nicole, i just saw this garland hanging at my parents' house - it is SO lovely in every way! (and it makes my mom so happy!)

    garland of the month club = best gift to give EVER!


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