letter #20 & 21 (maybe)

Dearest Beloved, Thank you for bearing with me and these terrible- no-good-very-bad day(s) with the ongoing blog issue. You are a saint.

Dear Dee, Thank you for bringing me love in the form of Parisian macaroons. You are too good to me.

Dear End of May, Really? Already?

Dear Oprah, I am going to miss your show even though I wasn't an everyday viewer...I just liked knowing you were there if I needed you. Your "behind the scenes" show is pretty entertaining.

Dearest Beloved, Hang in there, the year is nearly over and all this soon shall pass. Put up your sails and hang on.

As you wish


  1. dear nicole,

    you are lovely & so is your blog. it will all get sorted out and be better than ever. i promise.

  2. The green ones are Lily of the Valley, the flower of May. Since my birthday is in May, I ate five of them. In one day. Guess who is back on their diet program.

    I agree about your blog - beautiful writing and beautiful photography.

    Love you, Aunt Kitty


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