bits o' color and such

Decor for Easter was next to nothing due to our epic road trip but Saturday evening I placed a tablecloth on the kitchen table and set up a small vignette. Something subtle. The spring/Easter bunny decor is not really what Easter is all about in this home but it fun to be festive. The whole day was lowkey...my MIL brought Easter dinner and Easter chocolates and we had a small family affair and the shortest egg hunt of all time. There are photos but that will be another day.

Last night during the ever so glamorous chore of dish washing I noticed how pretty the bowls and bubbles looked together. A bit of beauty in the mundane. Don't you love when bits of pretty are found in the bits of everyday life? I need to be more attentive to those moments...perhaps with my new camera I will be. Yep, a new camera, a necessary newbie...D3100 but more on that another day...perhaps tomorrow.

Speaking of moments, I found my kids in the backyard this afternoon playing "Indians", as in Native Americans. They said they were Navajo or the tribe of Cochise. Spears, tools and tomahawks were crafted out of sticks, bricks and stones. Delia said, " We're gonna get the white settlers!". Should I be worried? I love when they play elaborate games incorporating recent knowledge. We were just in Navajo country, learned about cliff homes at Montezuma Castle, read ValueTales about Cochise, read Kaya the American Girl and purchased arrows at a roadside stand in Arizona.

What kind of imaginative games did you play when you were a kid? I recall playing office at my dad's giant 80's desk in the basement. I was probably the boss!

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