10 things

REPOST: May 18

Obviously those 2 are always on my list, that goes without saying!

This loving/enjoying/in love with/grateful/brings joy list is in no particular order and is full of linky-loos...go ahead and click around as there are some good finds.

1. The song "Calgary" by Bon Iver over at Today's Letters (FYI:Calgary, Alberta is my old stompin' grounds).

2. A great post about real life romance over at faithblogs. Check out the whole website if you have a moment or two.

3. Super duper love song playlist at beautifulordinaryday.

4. Breakfast out with my good friend, Alex...and she came bearing a gift...chocolate covered almonds in a Weck carafe...thank you friend.

5. The sweetest tent for kids big and little...hey Dad can you make the frame for us? Please.

6. Ukulele shopping for Jude...a family activity! The outing also included a trip to REI and Target in which no one begged and pleaded for anything With one exception, Delia asked us to buy her a violin (which we did not oblige).

7. The Brothers Comtose...Delia had the chance to play the bass on stage at the wedding last weekend...we are future groupies.

8. I am so crafting this teacup project...one of these days!

9. Wildhorse Press: amazingly cool letterpress, especially the instrument prints. too cool for school. I must learn to letterpress, I must.

10. John playing his guitar in the livingroom for the pure love of music.

What's on your 10 list today? Anything I should know about. Come on spill the beans.


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  1. Hi there! Just stopping by via my reader- you had "9 new" so it has been a while since I have had "free time." I guess I need to learn to nurse a baby while at the computer!

    Your feeds are coming to my reader as usual, do I need to update my reader for the .com address or leave it as is?


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