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Lately I have been inspired to make God's word more available in my life and in the lives of my children; beyond having bibles in each room and beyond attending church.
Allowing scripture to grace our home especially since I am so lousy at memorization.

My pal Brooke over pureandnoble introduced me to the idea of painting chalkboards and writing verses on them. They say imitation is the finest form of flattery.
My SIL has used wordle...which is fontastic.
Then we were visiting the N8 family and Megan had placed bible verses up on her walls, on chalkboards and framed on her kitchen counter and it inspired me to my rear in gear , so to speak.

Mini chalkboards make a perfect medium for scriptures, an ever changing place to hide God's word in my heart or in this case my home.
I have a few other ideas or incorporating scriptures as art...in the hopper.
What about you, do you place verses around the house as a reminder?
Which ones?


  1. i think the clipboards are such a clever idea too. you could clip a daily verse to tear off and take with you too. :)

  2. That is beautiful, Nicole. It doesn't hurt that you have amazing handwriting, too.

  3. We do the same thing. We have chalkboards in almost each room with scripture. I also love that our boys share the same name !! many blessings.

  4. I love this idea! Very inspiring.

    I placed a Scripture on the wall of my little boy's nursery that I ordered from www.tapestryoftruth.com (vinyl lettering). I am going to also do a verse for his "big boy" room. Each verse relates to the theme of his room.

    And how fun that you were visiting my cousins! :-)

    I'm so glad I found your blog. It's great that you are doing well and I have loved seeing your beautiful family.

    Alison (Hayhoe) Phillips

  5. um, where do I buy chalkboard paint? flattery may abound soon if I can find some and copy this....I am attempting to introduce lent into our family and this will be a good venue to add thoughts and scripture during the next 40 days.

  6. I recently bought a small wooden sign with "Jesus is Lord" and posted it in our font door window. Just yesterday it prompted our sweet neighbor boy to ask Ezra if he is a Christian. They shared a shy moment of joy in finding another child of the King together. I also love to take pictures of my kids and mix them with a scripture. My handwriting is NOT like yours, though. And I'm still looking for a way to write over the top of a photo?

  7. Thank you all for kind words. Chalkboards do give the chance to switch up verses often.
    Char, I am terrible at daily verse calendars...terrible!
    Brooke, you could try to us a bistro marker on the glass of a photo.

  8. it looks great and you have awesome penmanship! Glad you have scripture all over - "when you get up or lie down, when you walk along the roads..." It is supposed to be in our thoughts and convos always right? Well done! xo


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