Happy Birthday Jude!

Dearest Jude,
Nine years ago today you entered into this world, our life and our hearts.
We have never been the same.
In the moment I met you, I fell deeper in love with your dad and my heart was full of love and promise for you.
I knew God's grace shone on me.

You are an amazing person, your memory and fact-recall ability blows my mind daily.
Your gift of music brings joy to my heart.
You have an incredible sense of humor; a bit of irony, a bit of sarcasm and a bit silliness.
You are intelligent and have a great love of learning...this gift will take you far in life and will open many doors for you.

I love the way you see and process the world.
The way you take on being the eldest child and the responsibility that comes with that.
You have a great love of Star Wars, Lego and Aikido!
You shine the light of Jesus and for that I am pleased.

Jude, you are nine today and daily my love for you grows and grows.
May the force be with you!
But more importantly may you know you are loved by many and may God go before you.
Love always,
Your mama


  1. Happy Birthday, Jude! You were such a beautiful baby, and now you're a handsome young man. Have a great day.

  2. Sweet post...and happy birthday to him!!!

  3. Happy birthday, Judah. I remember when we first met you, an almost carbon copy of your very much loved dad, with a dash of your beautiful mom thrown in. You are such an awesome guy, and I love you even though you beat me every time at Sequence. Have a happy birthday! Love, Aunt Kitty


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