letter #9

Dearest Beloved, Thank you for making the bed and for wrangling the duvet cover. I am grateful for your willingness to remake the bed after I wash the bedding...that's team work baby.
Dear Yuca's, Your street tacos are so yummy, next time I am in LA you can be sure we will stop by for a bite. Bravo on the James Beard award.
Dear Miller's, Thank you for a fantastic weekend of fun and friendship.
Dear Date shake
s, you are a bit too sweet but you have been on my mind. I should have picked up date crystals when I had the chance so I could make my own date shake.
Dearest Beloved, I love dreaming about what-ifs with you. I love praying about what our future might hold but mostly I am grateful for this good life God has given us.
As you wish.

weekly letters are inspired by today's letters.

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