Letter #13

my beloved and me; Czech 2008

Dearest Beloved, This is one of my favorite photos of the two of us, perhaps because togetherness photos are far and few in between. Plus we look so rested! Remember when we last went to Europe...2008 with R & K. So fun. I hope we can go to Europe again, next time with the kids...maybe when I turn 41!
Dear Sense of Accomplishment, You totally rocked my to do list this week. Bring it on. Let's see what else can be ticked off.
Dear Strawberry Season, We sampled your upcoming goodness at the farmers market last week. Oh, Strawberry season, I wait all winter for you. Oh my sweetness.
Dear Grandma I, I am so grateful to God that you are recovering...that your speech, appetite and spunk is returning. I am honored to carry the title of the other Mrs I. I am blessed to be in your family.
Dearest Beloved, Let's go dancing in the minefields!
As you wish.

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  1. And with that post, you have forced me off the blog reading sidelines to leave a comment. That trip was fantastic! You and John are so much fun. We loved discovering new cities in Europe with you and revisiting places we had been before. Uncle Ron has his pictures from that trip on a continuous loop on his lap top in the kitchen. Great, great memories. Love, aunt kitty


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