Letter #12

Dearest Beloved, Thank you for giving me the freedom to have such an active social life this week.
Dear SAJ, I love the new banner, thank you for your mad illustrator skillz. I am so glad we met at camp when we were 14.
Dear EB White, The joy that encompasses the kids and me while reading "The Trumpet of the Swan" is unsurpassed. The kids thoroughly enjoy when the cob speaks so eloquently. Thank you for the daily delight.
Speaking of daily delights, Dear God, Thank you for new mercies.
Dearest Beloved, Sometimes I wish you would just let the string go slack for a moment or two. I promise this kite won't go far...just a quick dreamy adventure to Texas and back.
As you wish,

this photo has nothing to do with John...he doesn't even eat kumquats but they look so pretty in the aqua bowl...and life is like that, a bit sour and sweet.


  1. LOVE the new banner -- and those look tasty!

  2. You're welcome! I'm sorry it took me so painfully long to complete it.

    I wish we could go back to camp and be 14 again!

  3. Happy new banner! Makes me want to craft.
    What could we do with that pretty bowl of art?
    Camp much older was fun too! Remember Camp Okotoks Dessert & ringing the bell for meals?

  4. I'm so excited I get to be part of your "active social life" this week. Looking forward to it!

  5. jackson has been listening to 'the trumpet of the swan' during quiet time - what a delightful story, and read by E.B.White!
    your letters are so sweet!


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