Letter #11

Dearest Beloved, Thank you for your willingness to talk out the tough stuff...communication is key, so they say and I would agree.
Dear Japan, Peace be with you and yours.
Dear Judith St. George, My kids want you to write a book about each and every president. We adore your work.
Dear Sewing machine, Sometimes you give me great frustration but I am determined to become a better seamstress...like a bike I will get right back on when I fall (or fail).
Dearest Beloved, Can you believe we got camping reservations? Thank you for your fast finger work. I am so grateful that we can spend time as a family in one of our favorite places in the whole world. Bring on the dirt.
As you wish.


  1. I like your letters.
    Thanks for sharing them with us.
    Now go play in the dirt:)

  2. Have a BLAST and we all look forward to LOTS of your amazing photos!


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