letter #10

Dearest Beloved, Thank you for being the king of domesticity this past weekend. You are amazing...ironing, gardening, cooking, entertaining and so on. You still surprise me after all this time.
Dear Newly Planted Fennel Starts, I am so excited to see how you will grow in my backyard. Please do not disappoint as I am already anxious for your tasty goodness.
Dear Lego Mini Figures, You have no idea the joy and discussion you have brought into my home. Or do you?
Dear Goodwill (the charity/store), I am headed your way tomorrow with boxes and such. I am in spring cleaning mode...continually.
Dearest Beloved, You are a natural teacher. I love the way you teach our family. This photo of you wading through the tide pools with a giant sea star in hand makes me smile...these are the memories of Jude & Dels childhood.
As you wish.

Qualicum Beach 2010. Nan & Papoo's beach.

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