ladies who lunch

Usually the life of a mostly SAHM includes eating bonbons, spa treatments and maid services but yesterday I decided to take a break from the mundane kick it up a notch with another SAHM, Dee and her daughter.
So, off we went way across the way to Fabmo, check out my stash(pictured above and below), to be turned into future goodies in the shoppe.
After a frenzy of freebie shopping we stopped by Stanford to surprise our SIL/Cousin...which turned into a mini tour of Hoover Tower, the Quad, a few Rodin sculptures, the chapel and a quick stop by Condi's office.
Technically she wasn't in but it was a mini brush with fame and Erin got an autographed copy of her book...the ultimate impromptu homeschool lesson.

We rounded out the day with lunch at the Cantor and a quick stop at Daiso.

If I was a real photographer I would have documented the day but alas sometimes I leave the beast at home.


  1. Fun day!!!!!
    (Love your "take" on the SAHM;)) How did you know that's EXACTLY what I do with my days?!;)

  2. some days when I get bored of eating bon bons and switch to chocolate mousse ..ehehe
    and I LOVE Daiso. Didn't know you had it in the States.

  3. What a blast!
    I checked out FabMo and it looks like SO much fun. Did you have to make an appt. like the their site suggets or did you all just show up?
    Isn't Daiso a riot? Last time I visited I left with a cool doggie coat and a wooden rice paddle....I stopped myself from adding a little TOO much to my cart.
    Breaks from the usual are SO refreshing!

  4. sometimes i leave the beast at home too so i can enjoy the moment as much as everyone else - sounds like a fab day.


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