If you are happy and you know it.

I decided to repost this here on my blog just in case you did not link over to CraftyFanny.
I have spent most of the week in bed and this gives me another day...I am lazy like that.

When Tiffany, the happiest person I know, first asked me to do a guest post about happy joyful things I got to thinking about happiness and what it looks like in my life.

Happy highlights of my life would include good childhood memories of family get togethers, youth group functions, serving refugees overseas, marrying John, going to Bar J, witnessing the physical touch of God's presence in my life, welcoming 2 beautiful babies into this world, the moment my daughter heard for the first time, meeting my sister on the Spanish steps in Rome, camping in the high country, standing in the kitchen of Chez Panisse and innumerable other moments tossed in here and there.

my son as a baby(above) and my daughter (below)

There are many many things that make me happy too...like lattes from Cafe Trieste, hiking with my dog on the ridge, eating a carrot fresh from the garden with a bit of dirt still attached, finding a heart shape rock, hearing from an old friend, witnessing my kids win a spelling bee, watching a terrific movie and so on...you get the idea.
Momentary happiness.

I had to stop a moment and ask myself, am I happy?
Is my life marked with happiness?
Do I pursue happy things?
Honestly I can not always answer in the affirmative.
I think however, I would prefer to have a life marked by peace and contentment rather than fleeting happiness....a life marked by a deep faith, a willingness to embrace all bright mornings and dark storms that roll my way and the ability to find joy in the journey.
Like a tree, rooted deep in joy and peace with branches waving in the winds of happiness, changing season to season.

I heard it once said that happiness is place between too little and too much...I like that.

Tiffany thanks for having me over here at craftyfanny...I am so grateful to know you for "reals"...enjoy your sunny happy vacation.


  1. i like that quote about the inbetween. i want to snuggle in that place.

    beautiful bits of your life!

  2. Beautiful thoughts on happiness.....there are so many things to grab and hold on to which contribute to happy.
    Balance is good in all areas of life.


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