chickpea madness

First the socca madness, which I made again today with even better results. I used less batter per skillet, I swirled the batter more evenly and placed the cast iron pan closer to the broiler. Makes terrific snack...and I am scheming if I could get this to work while camping.
Any thoughts on camping style socca?

Continuing the chickpea madness, I soaked dry garbanzo beans, cooked them in a big dutch oven the following day and then a couple of days (stored in the fridge) later I rinsed the beans, patted them dry, doused them liberally with olive oil & sea salt and roasted those babies until they were cracklin' bits of goodness.
goodness indeed.
Seriously another great savory snack.

In other food related news:
Almond milk is becoming a staple and now my preferred method of straining is using a mesh strainer first and then double layer cheesecloth. This seems to create the least amount of pulp in the milk, and I for one prefer my drinks smooth.
You can find my original almond milk post over there.

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