because you care...

what I ate for breakfast today.
Leftover corned beef hash with a fresh over easy egg.
and coffee of course.

Today was a domestic kinda day.
The kind of day in which I washed, folded and put away several loads of laundry (no different from any other day), cleaned the hardwood floors (very different from 364 days of the year), whipped up a potato gratin, tried my hand at making almond milk (a blog post for another day), washed dishes, sorted piles and the such.
You know the domestically inclined things but the entire time I was thinking about my grandmothers (the God given and married into kind) and how the women of that generation knew how to take care of the home. To truly take care of the home.

As I was peeling potatoes I wondered how many pounds of 'taters my Grandma peeled, how many gardens she planted, how many eggs she collected from her chickens, how many times she did she tell her children to brush their teeth before school, how many times a week did she mop her floors. You see I come from good folk...grandmothers who undoubtedly worked hard.
As I was thinking this I thought about my grandmother today, in her mid 90's, likely she spent her day sitting in her recliner by the window with her large print bible and magnifying glass, dozing in and out of sleep. I thought about my husband's grandma (also in her mid 90's), lying in hospital bed recovering from a stroke. I thought about their long, hard and blessed lives they are living.
I silently thanked God for these amazing women.
For a moment I was aware of how easy my life really is.
sadly, i seem to be unable to put into words what my heart wants to say. bear with my bumblings. please


  1. Was at your grandma's very briefly a few days ago. Her Bible was open on the desk in front of the window and she was dressed for the Lord's Day, though she had been unable to go out. Methinks she sets us all an example by treating every day as her Lord's day.

  2. As the Lord's days for us fly just think.....one day YOU will be the Gramma folks say this about....and they will!
    You, Mamma to Delia and Jude are precious in His sight.

  3. Love our Grandma. We have a great heritage.

  4. oh my gosh...I love this. Your thoughts are so focused and beautiful. My mopping schedule follows yours, as does my laundry schedule! ha ha ha. It must be said again, love this post. I think it's a fave!

    PS - Your breakfast photos are awesome sauce!
    PPS - I hope John lets the kite string slack too! xo

  5. beautiful. reminds me of Brother Lawerence who wrote about God being in the kitchen. common business, no matter how mundane or routine, was the medium of God's love.


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