Just a few things I have been thinking on and appreciating lately.
Of course I must share with you, my faithful friends.

Isn't this fantastic? I spotted this wallpaper at a local cafe and loved it, bats and all. I like the idea of a large scale print in a small room...if only I had a home I could wallpaper. Our landlords are terrific but asking to wallpaper a large scale print is a bit overboard!

Loosening the grip on stuff...a whole concept I can stand behind.

I know I am late on the whole Avett Brothers business but I think I am in love. Seriously, where have I been...my pal craftyfanny even met the band last year. so cool.

Young Victoria is a wonderful movie, have you seen it. I adore movies based on real life.

Simplelovely posted a terrific blogpost on everything was a moment.

Do you know about faithblogs yet? A site where faith based blogs are featured.
Have you found anything worthy of sharing? Let me know in the comments.
Happy Friday!


  1. Love APPRECIATE posts...puts things in perspective:)

    Wallpaper...I've been nervous to take it on, but it's so pretty! I want to do at least one wall in my home.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. gorgeous wallpaper but i'm scared doing paper as i'm nervous i won't like it in a couple years.

    and yes, i adore the avett brothers

  3. Thanks for the Avett Bros.....Nice!
    My share-gift to you is a new friend I just met....


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