almond milk

Have you ever made almond milk? super easy
Have you ever tasted almond milk? super tasty

Making soy or almond milk has been on my "to-do"list for quite sometime now.

I followed the recipe over at Sonoma Garden.
Basically, you soak a generous cup of almonds overnight in water.
Put almonds, 4 c water, 4 dates and a splash of vanilla in a blender and blend.
Except I don't have a blender so I used an immersion blender which was slightly less efficient (I suspect)
Which reminds me that I could probably get great use out a vitamix but perhaps I should lower my standards I find myself a regular standard blender...anyone have an extra one kicking around?

The next step is to drain the almond mixture through cheesecloth into a jar.
Squeeze as much liquid out of the pulp as you can.
Expect a bit of a mess.

Refrigerate almond milk for a bit.
Stir/shake before drinking.
And later, share with your children...or someone you love who will appreciate your effort.
It will be the best thing you will drink all day.
At least the kind of drink you can share with your kiddos.

I am not sure what to do with the almond pulp.
Make cookies I suppose.
Any suggestions?


  1. my bf drinks almond milk like no tomorrow, and WOW, that is soooooooo cool how you made your very own. i'm sooooo inspired!

  2. Can you make the pulp into almond butter? Or does it lose all its goodness when making the milk?

  3. me & chris are going to make this! maybe i'll post about it too =) haha

  4. so great! i would add it to cookies or bread. we've been using some almond flour in our banana bread lately - so delish!

  5. Thank you so much for posting this! I have a ton of extra almonds. I want to try this soon.

    How about making cookies with the extra almond pulp (like these ones:
    which call for almond meal.)


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