We are off to the snow!

We are off to the snow today!
Here are a few photos of snow trips of the past.

Where I grew up, in the GREAT WHITE NORTH, we did not take 3 hours driving trips to the snow.
We walked into our backyard, messed around, shoveled the walk and then went back into the warm toasty house and drank hot cocoa by the fire.
That is the way I remember it...except for the time when I was earning extra money to go on a mission trip and I had a paper route and one morning the whole city got snowed in, but I still delivered the paper...with my mom's help, in thigh deep snow.

I have to admit I am not a big fan of "going to the snow" but I am a team player.
This is not a family day-trip it is an ESCAPE club (John's club at school)event.
Fun will be had by all...I hope.


  1. Oh, I soooo remember when you had that paper route!!!!! The snow misses you, even if you don't miss it! (those of us in the snow miss you anyways!)


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