v-day recap

This year Jude wanted to "buy" valentines...not make them, we compromised by sending out Secret Agent Josephine valentines for the 2nd year in a row...our stash is now gone.

Delia wanted to heat emboss valentines...semi-homemade as the hearts were pre-cut.

Also can I just say, the kids came home from school with so much sugary junk candy...is this the new Halloween?


  1. Bag of candy! I was all irate until Fin handed me a Snickers.

  2. i kills me that they can give out candy but if my niece wants to take cupcakes for her birthday she cannot because it's unhealthy. *shrugs*

  3. Candy came from the kids valentines exchange. Agree it is insane. One one other kid in the class did not pass out candy with his card. For the class party had cut up fruit with whip cream as a snack. Teacher gave homework passes instead of candy.

  4. my son came home with candy laden valentines too - and he's 2 years old! I just don't understand.


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