I blather on and on about food, eating organically and locally and all that jazz.
You might have noticed I have been silent in this department of late.
I am not a slacker but an uninspired chef/cook/homemaker.
Meals have been tuna melts (not local); tomato soup (not homemade); frozen mac & cheese (as per Delia's request); Vietanmese takeout (local as in 2 blocks away but not local food); El Salvadoran takeout (ditto).
Some weeks I have it together and some weeks I don't.
Case in point...nearly empty fridge.
See that lonely apple. Notice the soup from a friend. That is a big stash of bacon though.
Cooking has been a bit of a challenge lately.
I recently discovered I have a gluten sensitivity.
Change is good, and so is good health.
I will get my groove back...I promise!


  1. the only thing I notice is that your fridge is super clean. nice! xo

  2. Yeh! to bacon and not so yeh! to glutton sensitivity.
    The ACW will take on this challenge my friend!
    Very proud of your clean frig.
    Mamma raised 'ya goggly!

  3. not that clean if you look closely...although i prefer a more empty fridge to a stuffed fridge.
    plus someone told me once to wipe where the milk lives every time you get a new thing of milk. wise words.

  4. Nicole,
    I too suffer from a gluten sensitivity. Not full on Celiacs, but enough that I try to avoid all at least all wheat.
    Let me know if you need any tips and tricks for fast, but nutritious gluten free meals!

  5. clean fridge indeed! i appreciate the honesty - i have crazy cooking slumps, and am finally learning not to feel guilty about it.
    last year i was in a food group with some friends - we each made one meal to share every week, starting the week with four meals (!!) most of them were gluten-free since two of the families have gluten sensitivities. we blogged a lot of the meals and gladly share the recipes with you too! find them at fouroclockfreedom.blogspot.com


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