loving one's life

2011 is the year of falling in love with my life.
Some days that is an enormous task.

So, today I am creating my own love and giving it others so they can love their lives today.

Or at least they will love homemade cupcakes for no particular reason at all.
This is my version of when life gives you lemons...
make lemon cupcakes...
for others.


  1. you're awesome. ps i'm home tonight & available after 7ish. but have to stay here.

    or another monday??

  2. You did indeed help us love our lives today. When life gives you lemons, you are always welcome to think of us! :) love you Nicole...

  3. Now my mouth is salivating for lemon Nicole!
    It is minus 25 degrees this morning and I don't have ANY lemons in the house....this is some kind of culinary torture...agghh!
    Hugs to you my CA sunshine! xo

  4. great post. love it. Can you send some of your baking skills my way? If not, the cupcakes will do nicely! ha ha ha xo


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