letter #8

Dearest Beloved, We are like coffee and donuts, just the perfect combo. I am a cruller...lumpy on the outside, and you are an old fashioned...constant, available and always in the case.
Dear Jude & Dels, are you ready for another roadtrip adventure...you guys are so lucky you get to do and see so many fun things.
Dear Grandma E & Paulsand, Thank you for loving on our kids this weekend so we could spend time enriching our marriage via Art of Marriage.
Dear Getty, I hear you are beautiful and I can't wait to show the kids your amazing galleries. Dearest Beloved, I am so grateful to God for preserving our marriage...I hope we live long enough to celebrate 61 years of matrimony.
As you wish,


  1. Don't you just marvel at how He knew who would be the most amazing match for you.... to bring out the best in you, protect you and love you for who you are?
    Oh ya! another thing we will never understand this side of heaven....but that's A ok with me!
    Have a memorable & safe trip making memories

  2. Nicole,

    Anthony and I are looking into taking the Art of Marriage series. Where did you guys go to for it?



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