Letter #7

Dearest Beloved, This is really letter #7 because I actually wrote two #4 letters...thank you for loving me even when I make these upside down backwards funny mistakes.
Dear Art of Marriage, I am looking forward to delving into your workbooks and watching the DVD's...please don't make me cry too much.
Dear SIL, Thank you for being the champion of all things marriage and for encouraging us to step out of our comfort zones to hang for the art of marriage shindig.
Dear socca, I can't wait to try to make you...I hear you are super tasty and a street snack in France...wahoo for all things French and gluten free.
Dearest Beloved, Thank your remaking the beds when the bedding is freshly washed...I appreciate it.
As you wish,

PS: Beloved, thank you for the surprise date night...you still surprise me after all these years!

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  1. we did art of marriage last weekend. it was really hart and really good. and it made me cry lots.


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