letter #4

Dearest Beloved, Remember back to when we were new parents? How tiring and wonderful it was? What is happening to our babies? Please stop them from growing up. Dear February, I am grateful you are a short month...thank you for providing a week off so we can road trip. Dear Stephanie, Thank you for loving me enough to send me a book in the mail. Maybe my boat won't seem to small after all.
Dear Ginger Chews, I adore your spicy after bite.
Dearest Beloved (because I want to be just like today's letters and send my love 2 letters), Thank you for talking sense to me when I am talking in nonsensical circles.
As you wish,


  1. I am with you on not wanting my baby to grow any more. Time goes by much too quickly.

  2. A picture does say a thousand words....sheer love & trust!

  3. such a sweet photo.

    i look at the difference between my two boys and wondered how we got from the tiny to the bursting of boy-ness. sigh.

    i really like these letters.

  4. oh yes, those nonsensical circles. i know them well ;)


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