home again

(an oasis in anza borrego)
we are back home.

(graffiti near paramount studios)
back to real life.

(griffith observatory)
the laundry is done.

(statue at the getty)
the mom is sick...it is never good when the mom is sick in bed with a fever.
i am not a brave mom.
the son is starting to feel sick too.

(the getty)
more holiday details and photos to be shown another day.
this mom needs to drag her achy joints and feverish forehead to bed.


  1. Oh NO! So sorry to hear....I wish I could come help you. I make a mean chicken noodle soup!
    Take care of you....glad you're home.

  2. I have it too! If I gave it to you I'm so sorry. It's a doozy. Ugh.


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