glittered and such

Recently, Lisa Leonard posted about a glittered heart so I "borrowed" her idea.

As I have said before, imitation is the highest form of flattery.

This "art" piece is actually take 2...the first one was too glittery and messy.

For round 2 I used a larger size glitter...it's alomost chunky glitter.

Supplies needed: canvas, arcylic paint, paint brush, heart shape, glitter and time.

The simplicity of this craft appeals to me.

Quick, dirty and doable in one go.

I worked on this during superbowl...my kind of party...a crafting party.


  1. Oh YEAH!!!!! My kind of craft too! Thanks for this one:))))))

  2. Love it. Elegant simplicity. Something I aspire to...and fail at frequently, haha. But this craft hits it right on target!


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