A few of my favorite things.

-The most gorgeous apron ever made by my blog friend bananasaurusrex (yep that is her real name!)(bananasaurusrex photo credit)

-This LOVEly art print by smalltalkstudio. (photo by smalltalkstudio)
-Crazy beautiful photo and wonderful reminder.
-A super duper cool tree stump tea towel by makelike
-Tres Chic party...I think I need to plan my birthday around this theme.
-Functional and fun "say something" line by the ever talented PureandNoble

**More favorites not so internet-ish***
-blossoms on the trees (no snow here!)
-after school dates at the book store
-Take out for dinner plus family movie night
-dreaming and planning future road trips...there are several in the works.
-and you, my faithful few readers and loyal lurkers


  1. Love finding new artists on etsy. Thank you for sharing. Cheers from utah

  2. thanks for the shout out homie! xo
    PS - i love that apron!

  3. sorry i just saw your comments!! i need to get those notifications sent to my email.
    i miss you too though nicole!! i actually miss working at PS.. kinda. i was at starbucks for a good portion of the day today to study but on my break i was going through your old posts ;) i spruced up my blog a little bit so hopefully it'll get me to blog more. =)


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