chalk it up

Just a little craft.

Recently, Brooke at pureandnoble posted about painting clipboards with chalkboard paint.
They say imitation is the finest form of flattery and Brooke is a pretty rad person so I ordered a few mini clipboards & paint from my friendly local hardware store (run by family-Hi Ed!)

Prep and paint...in my studioslashkitchen.

I will admit right off the bat that I used the wrong kind of paint brush.
Maybe a mini roller would have worked better...for a smoother finish.
Ah, live and learn...next time.

After the paint dried (after 2 coats and a little sanding between coats), I patiently waited 3 days to "prep" the chalkboards...which basically means rub chalk all over and then wipe clean.

The perfect mini chalkboard for little reminders, chore lists or love notes.
Now all I need is to locate chalk in this house...the backyard chalk has been used as pellets or bullets or both and now is scattered thither and yon.


  1. YOU are SOOOO cool! Love it. you did a great job! xo

  2. just found your blog via Old Sweet Song and love it! This clip board chalk board idea is genius! You might be seeing one hang up in my craft room!


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