years later

For years I have intended to recover this slipper chair.
I even bought the fabric a couple years ago.

I started by dreaming for months upon months and then I called Dee;
she gave me the advice to flip the fabric over and pin where the seams will be.

I slipped the cover back on, lined up and only had to stitch rip twice...though I broke my stitch ripper so it's good that I didn't need it again.

The slipper chair (from Target years ago) can be taken apart so, I stapled the fabric to the hidden bits of the chair and then reassembled the chair.

After I trimmed corners, edges and pressed the slip cover of course.

Technically it is not a removable slipcover but because it is slipped over and stapled it could be removed to change the fabric.

I am so proud of myself...I did all the sewing myself.
Dee motivated me and helped with pinning the top 2 corners into nice neat tucks.
Truly this chair looks so lovely next to my grey wool sofa.
Now if I could keep the cat off it.
What have you whipped up lately?
Oh, I also made this scrumptious stew for dinner last night too...another big hit!


  1. Wow, looks great. I've always loved that fabric. Nicely done.

  2. It looks amazing! Good on you, girl.

  3. love that fabric!! great job!

  4. Love the finished product! Now, since you're so practiced up...I've got a wingback chair and fabric stashed in my spare room. I'm too scared to start!

  5. GORGEOUS!!!
    Please come teach me!

  6. Thank you thank you thank you.


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