typewriter dreams

For Christmas all Delia wanted a treehouse and a typewriter.
She is aspiring to be Kit Kittredge (An American Girl)

Sadly, we did not give her either of her requests.
We did give John a DIY book so he could build a treehouse in the near (or not so near future).
We tried on the typewriter front.
We obtained a electric one but the day before Christmas the keys started wildly bashing together...not working.
We gave up and gave our darling child a doll instead.(which she loved)

Fast forward weeks later and I casually mention to a friend that Delia wanted a typewriter...doesn't every 7 year old?
Turns out said friend has a husband with oodles of "stuff", not the least of which was a typewriter (or 8). Thank you friends.
Our typewriter problem solved...excepted for the getting the beauty serviced.

Today we gave her the typewriter...really she gets to share it with me.
There are rules to be followed...a typewriter rubric so to speak.
Delia was thrilled and immediately started writing her first newspaper article and letter.

My little Kit Kittredge.
first article to be published another time.


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  2. Sorry!
    My spelling is AWEFUL! Guess I need a typewriter like this. Will save my Dad's old W.W II clunker for my granddaughters but I guess they will have to learn how to walk first...

  3. at the age of eight, the only gift i wanted for christmas was a typewriter. i was a very happy girl that year and it actually remains my favorite childhood gift. many happy writings to you delia!


  5. How sweet, I have one too but I never use it.

  6. How cute...man, you are sooo lucky, I've totally been wanting a typewriter for years!!! So nice to get a hook up!

    I look forward to her first article...perhaps Delia should have her own blog?!

  7. Can't wait to read that article. So fun to have a writer and reader on your hands. I loved her reading nook, btw. I student taught for several different teachers who had great classroom examples of reading nooks and I would stay awake at night dreaming of how to set mine up when I got my own classroom. And I must admit that it WAS fun : ) Hers is so perfectly personalized.

  8. What a sweet story..... your daughter sounds like a neat little girl. Give her a hug!

  9. This brings back memories of bashing the keys on the old OLD typewriter in my dad's basement office. There is nothing like the sound of a typewriter!


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