Pure & Noble Interview

Welcome Brooke Fish of Pure & Noble...a fun interview to catch a glimpse into this gal's life.
I love how the blogosphere allows us to create new friendships.
I have enjoyed getting to know Brooke and I hope you do too.We have a lot in common including a Jude.
Without further ado...

Why the name "Pure & Noble"?
It's from Philippians 4:8. I want to honor God in all I do. It's a reminder for me that this blog has to honor Him, not become an idol.

How hysterical is this holiday card? Pretty fabulous!

How on earth do you find time to be so creative with 2 young boys at home?
Ummm...you are REAL sweet. I don't feel creative at all. And, to be honest, sometimes I feel guilty for the little bit that I do if it's not with the boys. I try to engage them in crafts as much as possible, but my oldest hates it and my youngest wants to do whatever his brother does. So, I try to compromise with them and I have a little work station in my office/sewing room where they can work/color/play while I do stuff.

Cool checkers craft by Brooke

What are your hopes in the creative sense for 2011?
I want to do more stuff with my hubby; Etsy shop and all. I hope to extend our offerings on etsy and get him to do a few blog postings on Pure and Noble. I think that would be so fun for us and my readers.

What is your favorite ETSY store (besides mine of course)?
Well yes, there's yours and...Inaluxe . She uses the most amazing colors and shapes. It reminds me of Charley Harper. I love that.

Thanks for introducing us to a new and cool shop.

If you could only sell one item in your shop what would it be and why?
Ok, I have to answer this two ways - the selfish way and the giving way. Selfish - my bags because I get to be super creative with texture, color and print. Giving - my Say Something line because it allows the buyer to put their own personal touch to it. I think that makes it really special and fun.
You must admit these totes are amazing!

If you could share a meal with 6 people (alive, dead, fictional) who would you dine with?
Man this is a hard one. I think I'd have to say, Jesus, Paul (from the Bible), Audrey Hepburn, John Lennon, Andy Warhol, my husband ( I wouldn't want to have this major of a discussion/dinner without him.) Ha, looking at my list makes me laugh - I think Jesus and Andy would have a LOT to talk about. :)

I agree that would be an interesting dinner party...maybe I could cook for you just so I could be there!

Go see for yourself how wonderful Brooke is over at her blog Pure & Noble or go go buy someone an adorable tote in her shop.

Who would you dine with?


  1. Thanks friend. your kind words warm my heart. So grateful for you! xo

  2. Visiting from Brooke's blog...what a sweet interview!

  3. Brooke I am grateful for you and Alli, Welcome!


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