paper crane madness

Origami was always something for other people.
You know, for folks with oodles of time and patience.
Or for people with amazing opportunities to fold with music.

Over the weekend at a family b-day party the gracious hostess left origami papers out for folding.
The birthday girl likes all things Japanese.
So, I sat with Sarah & Steven for a couple of hours and folded.
And folded some more.
We folded whales, flowers, boxes, balloons and my favorite, cranes.
We made 21 cranes to honor the birthday girl (she turned 21)....to string together.

Since Sunday I have folded several more cranes.
I was thinking about folding 1000 cranes this year.
Only 3/day.
Obsessing...just a little.
25 rows of 40.
Is that crazy?
Do you think I could do it?

party time...origami and jeopardy...a match made in ifam heaven.


  1. i love folding those cranes.. ive already told chris i want to do 1,000 crane project for our wedding.. you know.. in five years.

  2. Or you could just participate in this folding project and save your fingers :)


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