the kind of mom

I want to be the kind of mom that does not stress over snow cones at a gymnastics meet.
The kind of mom that does not think about the color of poop her kids will have after consuming so much food dye.
The kind of mom that does not worry if brand new clothes get stained...and therefore ruined because I refuse to use chemical filled laundry care.
I don't want to worry if bits of snow cone splatter on the back of the man in front of us.
I don't want to internally beat myself up because my kids are busy arguing over a shared nasty frozen colored sugared water cup instead of watching the athletes perfom amazing feats of flexibility over the uneven bars.
But I am not that mom.
So, my kids just had their first and last snow cone of 2011.
I also want to be the kind of mom who lets more things go...allows desks to remain messy and floors scattered with clothing and sloppy art work grace the walls and non-art posters to hang in the bedrooms...but I am not that mom.
Sorry kids I just can't handle the stress and agony!


  1. What happened to the new Nicole? Love the life with colored poop!

  2. dear anon,
    please leave you name next time!!
    I am still loving my life just not snowcones.

  3. Snow cones come and snow cones go....you can freak over whatever you want 'cause Baby you love those little goons with ALL your heart!

  4. It's more fun to be anonymous. Plus I have to sign up now to leave a name.
    PS Your dog toots too much!

  5. Nicole - you are hysterical, but more than that you're a great mom! I love snowcones but only when I'm a the north shore of Oahu.

  6. LOL yes, we have those moments of wanting to be somewhat carefree and then i start channeling my mom ... so stress comes.

    but i do love a good snowcone.

  7. I think I am that mom. It's not all it's cracked up to be, believe me. That kind of mom just wants to be some other kind of mom. :)

  8. I know snow cones are no big deal in the great big world of things to stress over...I am opting for redfreckles idea...snow cones when in Hawaii!

  9. Dear Nicole,
    I love this post.


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