Give your heart away!

Let's have a giveaway!
Love is in the air.
Love is all around.
It's time to give and love and all that jazz.
What a way to kick off the weekend.
With Love.

I am giving away an up-cycled musical heart garland.
Recycled sheet music lovingly hand stamped by yours truly strung together with love.
Leave a comment telling me who you would give this garland to and why.
The lucky winner will receive a garland to give and a garland to keep.
Comment away.
Check back in Monday to see who won.
Garlands will ship on Tuesday...just in time for Valentine's Day.

Comments are now closed...we have a winner.


  1. Your music paper bunting has been gracing my dining room window and hutch for the winter season and it is so lovely! I need to send you a pic so you can see.

    If I won this giveaway, I would give the garland to a certain friend and I am not going to specify, because then I couldn't surprise her. Is that allowed?

  2. I love the little hearts! I'm thinking I would give the second one to mom - I know she would love it!


  3. If I won the love-filled garland i would give it to one of my oldest and dearest friends who has a very musical family. She plays piano but fancies herself a hip-hop Queen, her husband has an amazing jazz & blues band, one of her daughters sings " At Last" like she wrote it and her son is an amazing drummer that tours Canada with his band. Their final daughter loves music but is a cool artist...sorry for the TMI but I love them!

  4. Oooh, so cute! I would send it to a friend who has recently moved to Texas and is far away from her family. It would help remind her she's loved. ♥

  5. I love this one Nicole! I'd hang it above my piano. :) I would mailthe other one off to a friend in need of a surprise in her mailbox. Everyone loves mail!

  6. so very sweet! i would give one to my sister for her office to so we could look at it and know how much we love each other.

  7. Oh, it's lovely. I would give it to a neighbor who has been very generous with us and our girls. She is always bringing us surprises and I love giving them in return.

  8. I think I would like to give both away - one to my mom who always has a song in her heart, and another to a pseudo sistr who is relocating to Iowa far away from family and friends.

    Your garlands are great, Nicole - thanks for sharing them with us.

  9. love these. and i would give it to m's speech therapist!

  10. So cute! In February I am getting together with a great group of friends who have held me up during a hard time in my life. We are having a valentine exchange -this would be just the valentine to take!

  11. These are amazing. I would give one to my friend who lent us her piano.

  12. Oooh so cute! I would give one to my mom because she would enjoy it just as much as I do!

  13. My son's piano teacher has 5 children and I'm sure she is always giving of herself- she has given my son the gift of music- I think she deserves an unexpected gift that is "oh so cute!"

  14. Eeep Eeep!
    I hope I'm not too late to enter!
    I would give one to my Mom because she has been having a rough winter and needs a garland reminder that she is very much loved!