Yesterday Jude & Delia participated in a school wide spelling bee.
In order to qualify to be in the spelling bee, students had to get 48/50 (or better) on a spelling test and raise money as a fundraiser.

They both did their best.
Delia was eliminated in the 4th round with "infectious".
She is sporting her new skirt & boots, "for courage".
Jude was the winner of the lower grade spelling bee with "capillary".
As the winner he won a gift card to a local bookstore, which he promptly spent on comics.

Jude went on to compete against the upper grades (4-7th grade) and made it to the end of the second round but was knocked out with a doozy..."effulgent".
The love of words, books and all this literary runs deep in this family...they come from a long line of " book" types.
Yeah for reading, words and spelling bees.
Yep, I am bragging...shamelessly.


  1. Especially loving your blog lately- making me appreciate"falling in love with my life" and feeling glad that you are feeling glad about yours. Right on spellers!

  2. that is fantastic - of course you should brag. as myself, i sucked at spelling even though i read a lot. so my mom bought scrabble and we played all the time.

    love that skirt!

  3. how funny--it must be spelling bee season? My Olivia just won her middle school spelling bee and is on to the district (2 schools!) in February. Very exciting, as we are huge readers, too. I'm an awful speller, but my kids seem to have gotten past my disablity. Yay, for little readers and spellers, and the moms who love them! :o)

  4. Hurray for both of them! Wonderful achievement!

  5. Thanks guys for cheering my kids on....trust me they did not get the spelling gene from me!


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