The Dark-Days Continue

I am a disaster when it comes to making beans.
Truly, my track record is not so good.
I have determination to get it right.
This time I used a tip in the Feeding the Whole Family Cookbook (terrific cookbook by the by) and I soaked the navy beans (local and organic) overnight and then drained them, and dumped them in the crock pot, covered the suckers with water and set the timer for High.
Hours later I was blessed with soft white beans.

Just in time to make a scrumptious Chard and Bean Stew as discovered at Smitten Kitchen.
This recipe was fabulous and loved by the family.
Although, John asked if there was anything else...like meat.
Jude asked for seconds and Delia was sad to miss the poached eggs, as she was at a birthday party.

I would make the chard and bean stew again, for sure.
As for the break down in the recipe S(sustainable)O(organic)L(local)E(ethical):
chard, carrots, shallots, garlic (L,O)
white wine (L)
white beans (O,L)
tomato sauce (S,O,L,E from my garden/freezer)
olive oil (S,O,L)
vegetable stock (O)
eggs (S,O,L,E) thank you to our backyard hens

Non- SOLE ingredients:
bay leaf, thyme (I used dry because my herb garden is in a sad state).
note: I did not use the sherry vinegar as I did not have any in pantry...still tasty.
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  1. you sound like me with beans:))))

    i like that ... S`O`L`E!!

  2. I am determined to conquer beans in 2011!


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