Dark Days Combo Week 3 & 4

This is really a dark days challenge combo post whipped up at the very last minute...not the food just the post.
The holidays put a damper on all blogging, casual cookery and extra computer time.

The first of the two SOLE meals is:

Fall Minestrone a la Alice Waters using local California (and organic) kale, butternut squash, onions, carrots, celery and a bit of tomato sauce made earlier in the fall with tomatoes from my SIL's garden.(sadly my tomatoes did not produce even to make much sauce.)
This yummy recipe is found is in " The Art of Simple Food" but the basic gist is:
make soffritto
add garlic, sage and rosemary
add tomatoes and chopped kale
3 cups of water or stock
include cubed butternut squash
add cooked cannellini beans.
serve with crusty bread.

Though the minestrone was tasty we much prefer the kale and potato soup from week 1.

The second meal was a take on huevos rancheros:
corn tortillas from Sonoma (SOLE)
Turkey chorizio from Petaluma (OLE)
eggs from our backyard chickens (SOLE)
tomato sauce from my freezer (SOLE)
black beans (O)
cheese (OLE)

The real highlight of this meal was I had NEVER made poached eggs before.
Turns out Delia loves to eat poached eggs and they are easy to make.

Stay tuned for more Sustainable, Organic, Local Ethical (SOLE) meals in the weeks to come.


  1. ahh, i didn't know what that meant.

    today i'm cooking ham and bean soup. i hope it's good!

  2. I love ham and split pea soup especially if it is a leftover bone.


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