celebrate a date

Kinda like save a date, only better.
Last year I was given the most wonderful letterpress calender, truly lovely (Thank you LW).
A bit of Satsuma Press goodness.
As 2011 rolled around and the new (subpar i might add)/non-satsuma press calender went up,
I pondered on what should be done with the lovely bits of art.
I could cut the date portion off and create a postcard, but then in a stroke of brilliance I thought,
"Why not celebrate the important dates of others!"
Loved ones who had babies, adopted babies, retired and celebrated other significant dates over the course of the past year.
A quick circle on the corresponding date and month.
A mini gift to help commemorate/celebrate a special day.
Sorta like a belated celebration.
This idea makes me want to always have beautiful calenders and inspires me to send them out as soon as the month passes.
What did you do with your 2010 calender?
Sorry Emily for ruining the surprise in your mailbox.


  1. I love it, I love it! We are framing it and hanging it on the wall. Thank you so much for thinking of us - really the most wonderful recycling ever!!


  2. Hey I just posted a photo of the month of July you gave me for the babe!


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