afternoon fun

It has been said before and I will say it again,
my gal Dee is super crafty.

Look at this playhouse bed she built for her daughter.
Now Delia wants one!

Oh, and a library cart and a dress-up station.
This is not the first thing this amazing gal has whipped up.
There was the bed, the coops, and so many other bits of furniture.
I am encouraging Dee to start a blog and share her craftiness with the world.

Case in point:
As we were chatting this afternoon, Dee whipped up a super duper colorful twirly skirt for Delia.
She had the ruffled tulle on hand and a skirt ready to go.

A great way to spend the afternoon.
Plus I came home with fabric for P.J. pants and chenille for a robe.
Now I need to get my crafty on!


  1. Oh, you've just made my day...again. Your photos are fabulous, thank you so much for taking them. We loved having you over and I'm so glad Delia likes her skirt.

  2. hello - why wouldn't delia want one? it's awesome! i want one too! xo

  3. a playhouse bunkbed super cool of course every girl and boy would want one.

  4. who doesn't love a twirly skirt??? fun

  5. Ah, what an excellent play space!! I admire Denise for taking on such a challenging project.


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