Today was the first real day of winter break.
John is a teacher, the kids are off and I wasn't working either.
Some of us slept in, some of us tried to sleep in and some of us forgot to sleep in.
Bacon and eggs for breakfast, piano lessons moved to the middle of the morning, "Miracle of 34th St" matinee on the sofa, a bit of weed pulling, scooter races between rain showers, a son & dad RISK session and the last bit of Christmas shopping taken care of.
A mostly stay-at-home family-ish kinda day.
The kinda day that make you grateful for Christmas break, family and the little luxuries of life.
What did you do today?


  1. How awesome to have your family home all at the same time for Christmas vacation. I could use a stay at home family day. Merry Christmas!

  2. JUST WANTED TO STOP BY AND WISH YYOU A Merry Christmas. You have a lovely family.

  3. LOVELY photo. When did we grow up? Much love,

  4. what did I do on Monday the 20th?....I had a baby :)

  5. love this photo of you guys! xo


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