Chronicle Books Giveaway!

So, the fine folks over at Chronicle Books are having a bit of a giveaway.
Just a bit.
A haul of up to $500 for a blogger and commenter to win.
Yep, if I win and you comment and your comment is chosen then we are both winners and have lots of new books.
I made a list, check it out below.
Leave a comment for your chance to win.
Seriously, this is a win win, even if we don't win we have learned about a bunch of swell books.
And who doesn't love books?

The Commonsense Kitchen: This cookbook has caught my eye numerous times. The recipes look amazing and the layout is swell. I need more cookbooks like I need more holes in my head but this one is a keeper.

Handy Dad:25 Awesome Projects: There are super projects in this book and my husband needs something to do with his spare time.

Hooked on Hiking: Northern California: Need I say more.

Delicious: The Art and Life of Wayne Thiebaud: one of my favorite artists ever.

Lotta Jansdotter's Handmade Life:Ms. jansdotter's eye for design is incredible, I can't wait to read more about her take on style.

Bird: A fabulously photographed book of birds. Amazing!

Chicken and Egg (upcoming release): Have I mentioned I have backyard hens, enjoy cooking and wish for a farm? This looks divine.

A Year of Mornings: 3191: This photo journal blog turned book has been on my wish list for ages. Lovely simple photos documenting everyday life.

The Printmaking Bible: Apaprently a complete guide...there is so much I need to learn.

A Butterfly is Patient (upcoming release): We loved "An Egg is Quiet" and "A seed is Sleepy" so we know this will be another favorite.

D.I.Y Delicious: food and DIY, need I say more...look at those photos.

The Story of Snow: a scientific yet beautifully illustrated book about the wonder of snow.

Manfish: A beautifully illustrated children's book about the life of Jacques Cousteau.

photos via chronicle books


  1. fun! i think i made to jump on this bandwagon. because books and me are bffs. i like your list. my reading list for 2011 just keeps growing. . .

  2. Lovely books! I'd love to read many of these, I better put a star beside this post in Google Reader.

  3. i wanna win a book!! <3 chronicle. have you visited the one in the city?

  4. I wanna win a lotta books.

    (my word verification is: whirds. those are in books, right? i think that's a sign. signs also have whirds. See? I should win.

  5. Oh goodness! I need more bookshelves already. Love this list!


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