bits and bobs

Little bits of busyness.
I made a couple of pillows for our new-to-us vintage sofa (it is a bit deep), I wanted to add piping but apparently I don't have a zipper foot in the odd collection I call my sewing machines.
I think mustard is my new-ish favorite-ish color.
Today was holiday madness at the kids school so I made cupcakes and cookies and the such.

I decided to tackle turnips, one of my least favorite foods...they look so pretty(see blurry photo below) but even with onions and apples I simply say "no thank you".
I am alright with that as I eat pretty much everything and like many many things.
Speaking of food, we celebrated my MIL's milestone birthday and after the ballet went to a steakhouse and I had a filet mignon...super tasty.
Who knew I would enjoy steak so much if it was cooked properly!

Christmas is mere days away and I am sorta ready.
Only sorta because no cards have been made or sent, there are still gifts to be purchased and I have yet to decide what I will serve to the 21 folk that will be here for the Christmas Day feast.

I did however go to a holiday pop-in party last night, which was super fun and super daunting...I didn't know anyone except the hostess...I was brave even though staying at home in my pj's and watching mad men seemed the better option.
I was rewarded for my bravery by knowing 2 people and meeting lots of new and interesting people.

A weekend of retail holiday work, nativity plays, church and a craft fair lies ahead.
I am trying to stop and remember to slow down this season.
To be purposeful amidst the madness, to not worry about what is not getting done but to enjoy listening to carols while looking at the light up Christmas tree.
I got the movie "Miracle on 34th" to watch with the kids.
All is well in the world.


  1. I've never seen turnips like that. I bet you would like them in the roasted veggie mix with garlic, as they blend right in! The turnips i buy are white in the middle and purple on the outside at the top, but you have to peel all that part off!

    I love the pillows, and I loved your deep couch. Very cozy.

  2. I hope you have a lovely weekend.


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